A journey into humility and patience

In January 2015, I started clearing the grounds and planting the first coffee and matoke for Rugyeyo farm. It was the culmination of years of planning based on the realization that I would not be a full-time executive for the rest of my life.

For six years, every single Saturday, I removed my suit and put on my overalls and spent the day at the farm. Even if there was nothing I was doing in particular, just walking around and being in an overall has a psychological effect on you. It has been a journey into humility, a journey in patience.

And then finally, in 2020, I changed out the suit for the overall permanently.

Going back to the family roots

Coffee is in my family. Both my grandparents grew coffee in Eastern and Western Uganda, respectively. More importantly, coffee is a traditional cash crop in Uganda. We are the largest exporter of coffee in Africa; we are also the second-largest producer of coffee after Ethiopia.

At Rugyeyo Farm, we grow authentic Ugandan robusta coffee. The seedlings are approved by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority to ensure that they are disease-free and pest-resistant. We have spent four years ensuring the farm has the right pits filled with the right soil to create the ideal ground for high-quality coffee.

The farm is on a hill overlooking the beautiful Namayumba. Nourished by fresh rains and the beaming sun of Central Uganda, our coffee gives you the refreshing feeling I have whenever I walk on my farm.

Don't believe me? Taste it!

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