Update - June 12th 2021

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Robert Kabushenga

You might know Simon Kasyate. He is a media personality. The guy in white is Nelson Tugume of Inspire Africa. Tugume made his name as a prize winning youth entrepreneur and has no gone into coffee. He plans to do the whole value chain. They came by to see me. I was pleasantly surprised. As always with such visitors, the leave you with a lot of useful advice & kind words that are the fuel for the worm we do. In return, I went over to Jjinja-Misindye to visit Simon’s poultry business. And that not all he does. He has boran cattle being fattened for beef on a ranch in Kyankwanzi. In Lyantonde he has a goat farm. Now he is contemplating coffee in Bugangari, Rukungiri.

Nelson grows coffee in Ntungamo & Karamoja. He is also building a Coffee City in the Kampala suburb of Ntinda. He wants to make it a retail outlet for farmers like me who process our own final product. Good thinking.

On our part, we have decided to create another product. We are going into the charcoal business. We generate a lot of waste and will do even more in the near future. We plan to start with the briquettes for our own cooking energy needs. This is in addition to biogas from our dung bio-digester & eco-toilets. When we have mastered this process & developed capacity, we shall go into mass production. The plan is to optimize every resource we can.

When the visit was done, we went over to my local in Kanziro, down the road from the farm. It was time to eat some roast meat & wash it down with a cold one.

Life is short.

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November 11, 2021
Robert Kabushenga
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