Update - May 30th 2021

Written by
Robert Kabushenga

#RugyeyoFarmUpdate: Today’s post is short. And it is a celebration of someone else’s journey! Francis Kamulegeya is known mostly as an auditor & tax consultant who is the Country Manager of PwC Uganda. What is less known is that we went to school together and have been friends since 1981. Now our journeys meet again, this time in growing coffee.

Francis has over the last couple of years been putting aside time to go into farming. I first got to know this when I saw him carrying a large tilapia fish from one of his ponds. He told me then that he was also growing coffee at his home in Ddegeya, Masaka District. Now I can see the work of his hands and it looks good. His future and that of Uganda’s coffee looks bright.

Well done Francis, you give us reason to keep going!

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November 11, 2021
Robert Kabushenga
Obsessive Farmer & Administrator - @ RugyeyoFarm | Ugandan, couldn't be anything else.
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