Update - May 3rd 2021

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Robert Kabushenga

I needed to get a phase of my life out of the way. Now it is time to focus. If we are going to be as productive as we ought to be, water is essential. 72% of farming is about water. Although we have two boreholes, each only does 1,300 liters per hour. That can be challenging considering the scale of our crops operation. So we went in search of another water source. If all goes according to plan, this one in the pictures should be ours. That will enable us to deliver better volumes. For bananas it ensures all year round yield because there is no effect of dry season. It also translates into big stems and even bigger bunches. For coffee you can literally pick all year round. Once you have increased productivity this in turn gets you the right revenues. Fingers crossed we should do this. It will change our game.

I also have struggled with the biodigester. The plan was to process manure much faster and then apply it. In addition we wanted clean cooking energy. There have been all sorts of challenges but we now think the faults have been corrected. We should have a better turnaround. In addition to this, I have been looking to do eco-toilets which can generate manure and energy from human waste. I have over 70 people on the farm any one time. This is a critical mass. So on Saturday we also worked through this solution & will be deploying it by end of June.

We need warehousing space and ability to process our coffee to a certain level. This work also needs to get started. The main challenge here is money. But I went to NUCAFE today to benchmark. I think I was able to look at some cost effective options.

To process we need machinery and in this I was inspired by the simple set up of Makyeli whom I visited two weeks ago in Sironko. This week he did a return visit and was able to help me arrive at a cost that we can use to invest in the processing machinery.

I now get a much clearer sense of possibilities and how to act on them. The new one is the banana fiber & briquettes from biomass that we want to consider.

I get the sense that life/universe is opening up all these possibilities because they must be actualized and we will do it. It is a time to act.

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November 11, 2021
Robert Kabushenga
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